Saturday, September 11, 2010

let me to be silent for now

Let me not talk about you
How can i dare to express my view
people of this country
know very little very few
its all about you
as  there is no fact
i know i have  to see
all your nonsense acts
as you know i am helpless
like all our common men
they all look like a hen
who are in the row to sacrifice their gen
tell me who can
there is no real man
all have became your fan
you are a political man
how I can
dare to talk about you
let me to be silent for now
for forever.
i am a common man.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I'll write tomorrow about my sense,because
i m senseless today.
Last-night i lost my senses while sleeping
I search for it on my bed next morning
lost things never found back in my country
as we still searching for.....
Republic and democracy lost  in 1950 and 1947 respectivly
still the  search is on ............
police had registered a F.I.R long back
but they don't  have a picture of ...
Democracy and Republic and human rights at their police stations
what to do the search is on......................
and it will on